What’s going on here?

Hello all! For those who don’t know, my name is Sam Lower. That’s pronounced like “Flower” or “Matt Lauer.”

So I know everyone and their dog has a blog these days, including me, so what exactly am I adding with this one? To explain, I started a blog in the last month with a friend of mine called “EatingOklahoma” (which can be found here: http://eatingoklahoma.wordpress.com). The focus of that blog is to find authentic food from other cultures here in my hometown of Oklahoma City. The idea is to go out and eat with friends, and each of us will share our experience from his own unique point of view. While I plan to contribute to that blog when I can, circumstances often lead me to be:

1. Out of the city (or country, lately)

2. Eating food that isn’t necessarily “ethnic” or imported from another culture.

While I love EatingOklahoma, I want it to be pure in its concept. So now, without further ado, I present the blog which will heretofore contain all of the experiences that just don’t quite fit into EatingOklahoma; Most notably, my recent adventures in London. The blog will still be almost entirely food focused. I’ve literally grown up in the restaurant business, and culinary experiences are the ones I have regularly enough (and which I usually find interesting enough) to share.

I expect this will be 50% sharing stories, and 50% restaurant reviews, though the two often run together. And I intend to be honest in my reviewing. If it were up to me, I would always eat food I like. But when in the course of human events, it becomes necessary to try new places, or let the friend decide where to go, or if time constraints are really so desperate that the only option is toxic fast food, I will not hold back my discontent. There are some bad¬†restaurants in the city, whether it be because of service (I’m looking at you, Rococo North), food or otherwise. In this, my unofficial declaration of principles a la Citizen Kane, I intend to find the gems, the truly wonderful dining experiences, beyond the ever-increasing onslaught of corporate chain restaurants. And trust me, negativity aside, there really is some great stuff out there. Now let’s eat!


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